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Scalable cooling solutions

Cool down your product pallets faster with our highly efficient
cooling cells and tunnels.

Enoline solutions cooling cells tunnels pallets 6

Our forced-air cooling solutions improve the quality of your product and reduce refrigerated warehouse space.

Ideal for

Strawberry clamshell plastic packaging and labeling container

Fruits and Vegetables

Enoline solutions shrink film labeling container yogurt


45385 food container with donut half side

Cream cheese

Improve cooling time and product quality

Our unique individual cooling cell "air tightness" system surrounds the pallets on both sides and at the top to restrict air passage on the outer part of the pallet. The "air tightness" concentrates the airflow inside the pallet and products.
Illustration 1 3 cooling cells for pallets

Reduce warehouse space by quickly shipping your product after production

For a quick turnaround, dairy products can be shipped at the safe mandated temperature quickly after packaging. Shortening refrigeration time increases production capacity.
Cooling tunnels and cells Enoline packaging and cooling solutions
Fully automate your cooling process
Manual or automated systems can be integrated to your plant needs: our engineering can adapt pallet handling conveyors or AGV to automate a complex system of pallet handling. Large tunnels for high output or high capacity warehouse racking systems can be used according to customer production capacity and is completely upgradeable.
Quick and homogeneous cooling
With our cooling systems, your products don’t just cool down faster. They’ll also cool down homogenously because both the core and sides of the pallet receive the same flow of air. At the end of the cooling cycle, get homogeneous temperature throughout the pallet.
You want to know more ? Read our article about why our cooling solutions are the best on the market today here.

Get the right equipment for the job

Enoline solutions Scalable Cooling Solution

High speed cooling cell

Fits 1 pallet, buy more as your production increases
Enoline solutions cooling cells tunnels pallets 2

Cooling tunnel

For larger productions, fully automated

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