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December 24th

Baumer wrap around packaging solution

Additional advantages of our solution

We've worked with Baumer for a long time and have delivered their solutions to over 50 food and beverage businesses worldwide.

Baumer machines enable you to make diverse styles of long-lasting packaging on an automated basis :

  • wrap around case
  • high tray packing
  • tray packing

Automatically cased glass wine bottles, plastic bottles, cardboard cartons, cosmetics, cleaning and care items, aluminum cans, cans, and so on.

Click here to read our essay on the benefits of the wraparound approach over the RSC case.

wraparound solutions

Easy loading of carton blanks

Our carton loader is devised to save space and provide ease to the controller in charge of filling this reserve. This is the only task that requires manual attention; the rest is fully automated. Unlike with an RSC, there is no need to hand-seal or shape the carton.

The blanks are inserted sideways and pre-folded further into the case wrapping area from the carton feed on the machine's side. The blank is introduced in time with the item grouping's location. This placement technique enhances the accuracy of the blank transfer while providing for a relatively short machine adjustment.

The blank + product assembly is regularly moved to the gluing and pressing section, where a wrap-around box is created around the items. The unstacking method employs a suction cup mechanism mounted on a servo-motor-driven arm.

The unstacking system uses a suction cups system, mounted on an arm driven by servo-motors.

It has the following advantages :

  • The ability to operate with cartons of varying widths.
  • Increased flexibility for tiling and blank flatness.
  • Operating with wider product/item formats.

90 Degree Product feeding

At the machine infeed, no divider is necessary.

The items are sent down a single lane and classified by two selection belts, which sort them into batches.

Batches are regularly transferred at 90 degrees, ensuring uniformity.

The batches are categorized as per the manufacturing format and physically linked to the case packaging area.

90 degrees infeed baumer enoline

Patented system for inserting unassembled partitions from below

baumer machine wine

To meet shipping regulations, such as for glass bottles, wrap-around machines can be integrated with a partitioned insertion system.

Baumer has patented a method of introducing unassembled partitions from the machine's bottom. A cardboard magazine placed beneath the product infeed plane feeds the insertion system.

The case packer solely employs a flat-pack, resulting in a cardboard reduction of over 20%.


Want to switch formats (or SKUs) ?

This process is fully automated, and you can complete the move by using the control panel in less than 15 minutes and without any tools.

panel baumer machine

Large size trays

large tray packing

Half-pallet and quarter-pallet formats are available on the machines.

The items can be packaged on huge trays in bulk.

For warehouse orders, two to four trays per pallet layer can be done that further reduces cardboard usage.

Technical information

up to 60 cartons per minute
Continuous product collation and batching for high speed production
Control from touch screen panel. Access to production parameters and information on machine operation. PLC or Allen Bradley
Side magazine for large blanks
Machine controlled by an axis system
Extremely low and simple maintenance operations.

Optional devices

Internal folding of the sealing panel
High autonomy carton magazine
Pre-formed partition insertion system
Remote support system
Automatic format changeover
Possibility to pack products only in trays for combined film + tray machines
Possibility to add a shrink-wrapping module
90° infeed system with continuous transfer for rectangular, oval or cylindrical products
Double level case packing system
Allen Bradley components
¼ and ½ pallet case packing module. System for working with ¼ pallet


We deliver worldwide

Discover Baumer solutions here

Overall, Baumer wraparound packing machine has a lot of advantages compared to the competition and allows you to save time, money and space !

Do you want to learn more? We can determine which option is ideal for you, free of charge !