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Compact palletizing solution

Up to 15 cases/min per module. Compact and easy to operate.

Palettiseur enoline solution compact

looking for the best palletizing tools ?

Easy to integrate into your production line, our palletizing system is assembled from standard modules.

Available in single or twin module layout to accommodate line capacity and palletizing complexity.

Easy to install and operate, it will help you increase productivity.

Compact palletizing solution enoline4
Compact palletizing solution enoline
Compact palletizing solution enoline 3
Compact palletizing solution enoline 2
Plug and play
Fast and easy to install, no need for a dedicated operator. Manual or automatic pallet infeed and discharge.
Durable and reliable
Unique stainless steel construction suitable for wet and cold environments. Proven Gantry kinematics and simple row preparation.

Very compact

7' x 8′ footprint

Incredible product flexibility

Our automatic palletizing equipment is ideal for boxes, pails and much more. Top picking or picking with bottom support depending on product.

One of the most affordable palletizer machines

Based on our 30+ years of experience in the packaging industry. Made in North America, parts and services available very quickly.

Let's find out together which palletizing solution will suit your company best ! Get your quick and free quotation now