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case study


Skotidakis produce Greek yogurts, cheeses and a variety of yogurt-based dips. Based in Ontario, Canada this dynamic family owned business had to cope with growing demand for different type of packaging from multiple customers as they expanded into brand co-packing.

In a nutshell

Ontario, Canada
Client since
Line speed
43 000 cups per hour, Round and split cups Single flavor, 2 flavors, and 3 flavors
Container size range
Round and split cups Single flavor, 2 flavors, and 3 flavors
Variety packs
Loose cups, 2 packs, 3 packs, 4 packs, 6 packs
Case sizes
6 count, 12 count, 15 count, 24 count

Product handled

Enoline solutions shrink film labelling container

Yogurt cup

55159 yogurt cup mockup copy

Preformed cup

Our solutions in action

How Enoline helped


ARP was able to offer them exactly what they need for their current demand and future unforeseen marketing requests. (16 different configurations)


High efficiency, 98%


Perfect for small SKU runs


Quick & easy change-over


ARP came through with an ideal layout using the mezzanine for carton storage and carton forming of the harness type of case. Because it is sequential they have perfect overwraps in a perfect case every single time helping them to rise above the competition.

“Let's build a freaking great machine and yes, it does loose cups”

- Plant Manager

Solutions that really made the difference for Skotidakis

The technology put in place

Enoline solutions monobloc packing machine Arp video

ARP compact monoblock end of line

Up to 55 000 cups per hour

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