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case study

Lassonde Inc.

Lassonde develops, produces, and markets a wide range of ready-to-drink fruit and vegetable juices and drinks. Lassonde has a long time history with Enoline. They were the first to install aseptic juice filling in 1986 with an Enoline turnkey solution that included blow molding, filling and packaging.

In a nutshell

Quebec, Canada
Client since
Line speed
100 bottles per minute
Container size range
1L, 1.36L, 1.89L, 2L
Case sizes
14 different SKU in pack size only 3 pack, 4 pack, 6 pack, 8 pack, 10 pack

Product handled

Lassonde bottle enoline solutions

Plastic jug

How Enoline helped


This low acid aseptic juice line is still running and Lassonde came back with a request to revamp their packaging. A Baumer wrap around case packer is now installed in the same line with high performance and enormous versatility.


This shelf ready solution is remarkable. The packer can produce short side leading or wide side for different Retail Ready presentation.


The oval shaped bottle is hard enough to handle and we provided an independent bottle turner at the infeed to produce this variety packs.


Rectangular bottles are also part of their wide SKU variable. Over 200 different SKU’s.


Versatile packaging is realized with quick changeovers which are realized through a simple “Patented” 90 Degree infeed system. This very short infeed results in a compact solution 8,2m or 27 feet long will fit any existing plant.

“Its an example of packaging equipment where we train our operators”

- Daniel Masse, Project engineer at Lassonde

Solutions that really made the difference
for Lassonde Inc.

The technology put in place

Enoline Solutions wrap around packaging automated line Baumer 2

In line wrap around case packer

Up to 70 packs/mn

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