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Bottle filling

From 4,000 up to 22,000 bottles per hour. Hassle-free different bottle size change-overs in less than 10 minutes.

Bottle fillling sizes adaptation machine

This filler has a unique bottle format and product flexibility. Change-over from 43 to 100 mm bottle diameter is achieved in less than 10 mn.

Types of bottles

Enoline Solutions labeling glass bottle

Glass bottle

Plus symbol

And / Or

Enoline solutions shrink film labeling container drinking yogurt

HDPE and/or PET bottle

Bottle fillling sizes adaptation machine 2

True Evolutive conception

This filler evolves as you grow. Start with a 4,000 bottles/hr capacity, and upgrade it later up to 22,000 bottles/hr.
Need an additional capless aluminum foil sealing device? We will just insert this module like a LEGO® block in your existing filler.

Incredible product flexibility.

Switching to a viscous liquid? You don’t have to change the nozzle. Product filling from 50 up to 2,500 cps is possible with the same nozzle.

Exceptional format flexibility. Change over in less than 10 minutes.

When going between a 43 mm and 100 mm bottle diameter, you don’t need a change-over part. Hight ranges between 80 and 270 mm. Our unique transfer system adapts to any bottle shape: square, round, scround, even star-shaped.
Ultra-clean Log 3 - Aseptic Log 5
Disinfection tests on packaging have validated a log.
Ultra-clean, Extended Shelf Life (ESL), Aseptic is possible.
Count reduction > 5.
Universal Filling Nozzle
The same nozzle can handle liquids, viscous products with or without pieces. Avoid foaming while filling.

Get the right equipment for the job

Paker filling machine

PAKER bottle filler

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