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March 04th

Paker Cup and bottle filling machine innovation

If you work in the dairy, food and beverage, cosmetics, or pharmaceutical industries, you could be interested in a cup filling or bottle filling machine to help automate your filling process.

Automatic filling machines, semi-automatic filling machines, automatic volumetric liquid filling machines, bottle fillers, and cup fillers of various sizes are all available on the market.

It's difficult to tell what's ideal for you and what'll work for your business. You have a range of items and don't want to invest in a machine for each one of them.

You want a turnkey solution that can handle a variety of container sizes and materials, as well as varied liquid viscosities with the same nozzle/device. On the filling line, you also want little to no maintenance, format tools, or operator changes.

You desire speed, cost-effectiveness, and dependability, as well as a portable solution.

Throughout this article, we will introduce our innovative and unique solution, which features a versatile automatic filling, automatic sealing, and shrink-wrapping sleeving as well.

Paker innovation

Our cup and bottle fillers have a special feature that enables you to switch formats in a matter of minutes (less than 10 minutes).

Different types of cups, such as mason jars, plastic or carton cups, HDPE, and/or PET bottles, can be filled at speeds ranging from 4000 to 22000 cups or bottles per hour.

The cup's diameter can vary from 65 to 95mm or 95 to 125mm, with a height of 50 to 150mm. There are no parts to replace, and the modification can be completed in under 10 minutes !

Fill yogurts, desserts, soy based products, oat based products, syrup, ointment, ketchup, cream, batters, milk, sauces, pastes, hummus liquid, mousse, and more with ease automatically!

Various types of containers : water bottle, gallons, pouches & vials, glass bottle, wine bottle, jar (plastic or glass), and more !

Our bottle filler can also adapt to a variety of bottle types, letting you fill bottles with diameters ranging from 43mm to 100mm and heights ranging from 80mm to 270mm. The diameter of the cap can range from 28mm to 38mm.

When the liquid is heavy, no need to replace the filling nozzle. The same nozzle can fill items at rates from 50 to 2,500 cps.

Also, our transfer mechanism can accommodate any cup or bottle shape, including square, round, and even star-shaped cups !

Our patented system offers you an optimal filling speed and keeps your product fresh while eliminating difficulties that other machines can encounter, such as milk foaming.

More information

Furthermore, if you want a complete end-of-line manufacturing process, you can add an automated sealing device to our filler to finish your product with a plastic or carton cap or a cap–free aluminum foil sealing (which is often present on yogurt).
You can also include a plastic shrink-wrapping sleeve that labels the container to add your brand and images.

Highest health standards respect

Ultra-clean Log 3 - Aseptic Log 5
Disinfection tests on packaging have validated a log.
Ultra-clean, Extended Shelf Life (ESL), Aseptic is possible.
Count reduction > 5.

Do you want to learn more? We can determine which option is ideal for you, free of charge !