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case study

Byrne Dairy

Byrne is a fourth generation, family-owned producer and distributor of Milk, Cream, and a variety of other dairy products. Based in Central New York, Byrne currently has three manufacturing facilities and more than 500 employees. They co-pack as well for other brands.

In a nutshell

New York, USA
Client since
Line speed
140 containers per minute
Container size range
Quart, Pint, 1/2 Gallon gable top carton
Case sizes
3 pack and 6 pack

Product handled

Enoline solutions shrink film labeling container milk carton

Gable top container

Our solutions in action

How Enoline helped


Ideal for tight fit in any dairy plant, a single lane infeed will handle cases of 4, cases of 6 or 12 with little or no change parts. No need for laners or dispatchers.


The faster triple arm magazine model can pack 2 or 3 packs at line speed for variety packs and or club type packaging


The industry’s smallest footprint makes this supplier the envy for all types of converters and packaging companies. This small footprint is achieved by transferring the flat blank from a 90 Deg. carton magazine.


Short infeed and discharge 24 feet long machine.


Quick change-over from adjustable disc speed.

Solutions that really made the difference
for Byrne Dairy

The technology put in place

Enoline Solutions wrap around packaging automated machine Baumer

90° infeed wrap around case packer

Up to 70 packs/mn

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