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case study


A multi national dairy supplier requested our expertise in supplying a complete end of line solution for their first Aseptic bottle filling line.

In a nutshell

Quebec, Canada
Client since
Line speed
265 bottles per minute
Container size range
200 ml, 325 ml, 473 ml, 1lt
Case sizes
4 packs, 6 packs, 8 packs, 12 packs, 16 pack, 24 packs

Product handled

Enoline Solutions shrink film bottle pack 6

Shrink wrapped bundle

Enoline solutions shrink film labeling container drinking yogurt

Plastic bottle

Our solutions in action

How Enoline helped


We were asked to integrate our best solution for a film wrapped packs in bundles of film wrapped cases.


It became obvious that more SKU were needed to this complex line and therefore we added the possibility of film packing in secondary packs and a second film on film bundler. With or without trays.


Therefore we opted for Baumer’s BM belt option. A transport system to feed packs through a bundler with or without a tray. Additionally the client had anxiety about the amount of accumulation required.


Baumer machines have the smallest footprints in this trade with their extremely efficient heat tunnels.


The rest of the line is a complex Hytrol ZERO Pressure case conveying system with Markem Imaje ink jet case coding and palletizing.

“Combine film and cardboard option in one single machine gives us flexibility

- Plant Manager

Solutions that really made the difference for Saputo

The technology put in place

Enoline solutions Scalable Cooling Solution

High speed cooling cell

Fits 1 pallet, buy more as your production increases
Enoline Solutions Shrink wrapping machine Baumer ni line

In line shrink wrapper

Up to 200 packs/mn

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