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We offer multiple automatic packing and cooling systems to fit your project. No matter how specific or complex your needs are, we will do our best to help you.

Our automated packaging machines come in all shapes and sizes to ensure that it fits your production needs and warehouse space.

If you can't find the solutions you're looking for here, please contact us, as we also offer tailor-made project services.

Shrink wrapping solutions

Our flexible automatic shrink wrapping machine has high marks for ease of change over with multiple packaging configurations. Inexpensive way to bundle your products with shrink film. Versatile, fast and easy change-overs, up to 360 packs per minute. Shrink sleeve label and handles are available. See more

Combined cardboard and plastic film packaging solutions

Fast and easy change-overs at 70 packs per minute (cardboard) and 200 packs per minute (shrink film). Combine all your tertiary packing needs, shrink wrap machine, tray + film and wrap-around case in one flexible end-of-line packer. See more

Wrap around packing machine

This case packer has high marks for ease of change over with multiple packaging configurations. Wrap-around case packing, high tray and display case can be done on one machine. Versatile, fast and easy change-overs at 70 packs per minute. See more

Cup filling

This automatic filling machine is our latest revolutionary solution in the industry, it allows you to fill over 22,000 cups an hour with a very flexible technology that accepts multi formats cups sizes without any part change-overs and multiple viscosities. Ideal for yogurts and much more, See more

Bottle filling

Just as the cup filling solution, this liquid bottle filling machinery allows you to fill over 22,000 bottles an hour and can adapt to a wide variety of bottle sizes without any parts switches and various viscosities, resulting in a large productivity gain. Learn more

Side loading

This very flexible side loading packing machinery allows you to pack up to 20 boxes / minute. Its multiple lanes make it the perfect packaging machine for multiple flavors packs. Learn more

Compact palletizing

Easy to integrate into your production line, our palletizing system is assembled from standard modules.

Available in single or twin module layout to accommodate line capacity and palletizing complexity. Learn more

We'll gladly help you figure out which solution is right for you