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Service and engineering

We offer complete and comprehensive maintenance and repair solutions for our equipment. A wide range of spare parts are stored in our warehouse, and our technicians travel all across North America. Our engineering services will validate your project for capital appropriation, equipment selection and line design.


Complete turnkey solution

One PO, one project. We are always fully committed to our clients, from the identification of their needs through to the installation of packing equipment by our multidisciplinary team. A single manager oversees the project from the development of customized innovative solutions, allowing us to adhere to fixed goals, schedules and budgets.

Packaging design

Our engineers create innovative in-house packaging designs, as part as your project scope:
Market need/request oriented, Shelf ready, Bulk club store solutions, Display cases, Waste reduction (eco design), Transport optimized

Dedicated service team

Install, start-up, maintenance, training



Our experienced Montreal-based crew has mechanical, electrical and automation skills to maintain rapid and effective installation schedules. Our team also has the ability to collaborate with and manage the entire workforce.

Technical support

Our multidisciplinary bilingual (English and French) team is trained to respond and adapt quickly to any situation. Troubleshooting support is offered via phone, email and video across all North American time zones.


Sharing our knowledge is part of our philosophy. That’s why we provide personalized on-site and off-site training to meet your needs.

Spare parts supply & sourcing

With more than 400,000 parts stocked in our Montreal warehouse and a network of local suppliers, we can usually ship the next day across the USA and Canada to ensure perfect maintenance of your packing machines.

Technician multimeter job Enoline solutions

Technicians experts on our equipment

Mechanical, electrical and automation skills : we have them all

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