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case study

Les Brasseurs du Nord - Boréale

Les Brasseurs du Nord is a 100% Quebec microbrewery renowned for its all-natural beers, marketed under the BORÉALE brand for over 30 years. They wanted to switch from glass bottles to aluminum cans, which meant a challenge in terms of production unit layout. We are proud to have been able to participate in this local partner's project.

In a nutshell

Blainville – Québec
Project date
Line speed
250 cans/min
Product type
Cans : 355ml standard (12 oz), 473 ml (16 oz), 355mL sleek (16 oz sleek)
Product grouping
6 pack, 12 pack, tray x24.

Product handled

Canettes bieres boreale enoline machine

473 ml, 355ml standard, 355ml sleek

Canettes boreale brasseurs

6 pack, tray x24, 12 pack

How Enoline helped


There are many references of Boréale beers and ready-to-drink cocktails on the market, so it was necessary to have a multi-format machine, which allows quick changeovers (less than 8 minutes per SKU changeover) and is simple for operators to handle. Thanks to the two machines, it is possible to pack different configurations, whether in packs or in bulk.


Boréale wanted a solution capable of evolving according to their needs, initially with side-loading to create packs, then collating these packs into a tray. The same machine also needed to be able to handle the bulk loading of cans. Our equipment is specifically designed to meet these requirements.


Thanks to our compact machines, we have been able to graft ourselves onto existing production lines. Our turnkey solutions are designed to offer you great line flexibility and continuous production, thanks in particular to our conveyors, with their accumulation and bypass capacities.

"What we like best about Enoline is that their machines can be upgraded to offer great flexibility, with the possibility of adding a wrap-around module or the possibility to do a variety pack.".

Les Brasseurs du Nord plant manager

Solutions that really made the difference
for Boréale

The technology put in place

Enoline sideloader eno 1 1

Enoline side loader

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