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August 09th

Best ways to pack your drinks - glass bottles vs cans

Best ways to pack your drinks glass bottles vs cans
At Enoline Solutions, we have over 30 years of experience in the integration and design of secondary and tertiary packaging machines. We have equipped over 50 satisfied beverage creators. Whether your product is presented as a can, glass bottle or even a keg, we can provide you with a customized solution that fits your production, space and budget needs.

The different beverage containers

Your beer, cider, mead, etc. can be stored in different containers. Your choice will be motivated by several criteria that could be the brand image you want to transmit for example, dictated by marketing, production and sales costs, that is to say the economic aspect, or the need for space depending on the size of your warehouse or the way you ship and export, this is the practical side.

It is often a question of making a compromise between these three aspects, which proves to be a real challenge for companies. Our job is to help you make your choice by proposing the solutions that best suit you

Before the final packaging that will be proposed to the consumer on the store shelves, beverages and especially beers are often transported in kegs that have the advantage of containing larger quantities of liquid for a smaller overall volume, which allows to store and transport more product.

When the time comes to produce the final product, 2 containers are widely used in the industry: the bottle or the can.

Glass bottle VS can

Beverages can be bottled in glass or PET bottles. Glass will have a more premium appearance. In addition, glass is hygienic, aesthetically pleasing and natural. It is also generally more enjoyable for consumers to drink from a glass bottle than from a can, which some people find "metallic". In any case, for a better tasting experience, it is strongly advised to pour your drink into a glass before tasting it.

However, today most beverage creators are turning to can packaging for several reasons:

  • Conservation first of all, since the can is hermetic and opaque, unlike the transparent bottle, it prevents the light to cross as well as the air with its closing system more tight than a simple screwed cap. Note that the glass bottles allow the refermentation and aging of your products, if you need it. The freshness of the hops is also easier to preserve in the cans.
  • The storage, indeed the cans being very resistant vertically, they allow a stacking which will make you save a lot of storage space in your warehouse as well as for the forwarding, more especially as the weight of a can is 18 times lower than that of a glass bottle (14g against 250g)
  • The design, the graphic possibilities are unlimited on a can, which allows you to stand out from your competitors and to attract the consumer from a marketing point of view
  • Ecology, aluminum or steel cans are 100% recyclable and require less energy than glass bottles which must be washed more than 30 times before being recycled, while a can can be recycled and reused very quickly at a lower cost, in less than 60 days.

A can also takes on average 280 times less time to get fresh than a glass bottle.

Be careful if ecology is one of your motivations, please do not ruin your effort by attaching your cans with plastic caps, a real ecological disaster, non-recyclable and which destroy our oceans. Instead, choose a fully recyclable cardboard packaging. We have our SL-20 machine that allows you to make all types of packs, including the various packs that consumers love.

You have chosen your container? Very well, it is now necessary to carry out the stages of filling, packing and palletization before forwarding and distribution. If you have large volumes, you need to find a way to automate these steps, and that's good news for you !

Why automate your beverage packaging


The first reason to choose an automated packaging system is hygiene: the use of unprofessional tools could lead to contamination. This is not only a health issue: external agents in the beer, for example, could considerably spoil the authentic and original taste of the product, which would considerably reduce the quality of your beer.

However, the most important issue here is safety: as with any other beer equipment, an in-house packaging system could fill your beer with agents that are hazardous to your health.


Convenience is key when relying on an outside beer packaging supplier to package your beer in bottles or cans. In fact, have you ever considered the time and money spent moving beer from your brewery to the supplier? It is very inconvenient, even if you are producing small quantities with your current beer equipment.

As soon as your production increases to the point where you consider selling your beer outside your brewery, purchasing automated personal beer packaging equipment is a wise choice.


Control is essential for any beer equipment. Packaging machines are no exception: having a professional machine allows you to control every step of the packaging process, from cleaning to filling to capping the bottles or cans. Control is important when you want to avoid wasted beer, contamination, or problems during the operation that could ruin months of work.

Moreover, unlike manual work, you are assured of always obtaining the same quality of finished product, which is very important from a consumer point of view.


Having your own professional automated packaging system gives you a wide range of customization options. With it, you can design the packaging for your favorite beverage and start selling bottles or cans with your brand. Everyone knows that branding is extremely important in marketing, because you will be known and recognized because of it. Stand out from your competitors! You can also vary the formats very easily as well as the types of packs for example.

Production speed

The greatest quality of a professional automated packaging system is speed: including it in your beer equipment will greatly speed up your production. You'll be producing bottles, cans and more with minimal effort and in a short time. Take it to the next level!

Our core solutions for beverage packaging

We offer you solutions ranging from automatic filling machines to final packaging on pallets, including automatic conveyors, wrap around or side loading packaging machines...

We cannot list here all the equipment we offer so do not hesitate to contact us for customized solutions.

Here are our 2 best selling machines in the beverage / beer / wine industry :

SL-20 variety packs

Our machine designed and manufactured by us here in Montreal. A true jewel of technology, we have managed to offer you the most compact and economical machine on the market!

This side-loading machine allows you to make up to 20 packs / minute, ideal for microbreweries and medium quantity producers.

The SL-20 is very popular because it allows you to make "variety packs" or "discovery packs", those packs that gather several flavors of beverages inside the same pack, that consumers are increasingly demanding.

You can make many different pack formats (4-6-8-12-24 packs with 2-3-4-5-6 different flavors)

It is very intuitive to use, it accepts cans, glass bottles or tins with a simplified change of format that can be done in less than 10 minutes.

It also integrates easily with your other equipment.

Reliable, economical, fast and versatile, it is waiting for you !

Discover the product page here

See it in action

Baumer wrap around

With a speed of up to 70 packs per minute, this automatic wrap around packer forms a flat carton around your product to wrap it perfectly.

Very flexible, you can change the format quickly and easily.

It will suit many containers, wine bottles, glass beer, plastic bottles or cans, or cardboard packs, ... the possibilities are numerous.

Available in line or at 90 degrees, it will fit perfectly in your warehouse and your existing machines.

Discover the product page here

See it in action

You need more information? We are at your disposal, do not hesitate to contact us now and we will establish together a free estimate to know how we can answer your needs.