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July 05th

Why choose American or Canadian packaging machines integrators

Benefits of buying local machinery packaging
The answers may seem obvious to you, but have you considered all the parameters before embarking on such a critical investment in your company's life ?
Indeed, if you are a Canadian or American company wishing to automate your packaging operations, increase your production rate or upgrade your existing solutions to increase your productivity, you may be tempted to look beyond our borders to evaluate the proposed solutions and make your choice.
In this article, we will look at the disadvantages of buying an automatic packaging machine abroad and the advantages, in contrast, of buying locally on our continent. Finally, we will present the example of our blending machine for various packs to illustrate our point.

Buying abroad

There are several arguments that might tempt you to buy a solution from the other side of the world.

Some people are interested in solutions, mainly from Europe, for reasons of particular expertise, if they believe that a company that has been working for a longer time, that is specialized and has a reputation for a certain type of product, is more competent than a more recent one. This reasoning is common and we generally tend to trust the people with the most experience in a field. If you are in this situation we will come back to this point later in the article.

The main reason we see that companies move to foreign manufacturers is economics, with some manufacturers offering packaging systems that are less expensive to purchase. However, it would be misleading to consider only the price of the machine. It is necessary to consider the problem in its entirety.

To do this, you have to consider the time frame. First of all, there will be the shipping time which will be of the order of several days or even weeks to cross the Atlantic by boat. If the foreign company from which you decide to buy your automatic system proposes an installation on the spot by its own technicians, it will be necessary to count also several days for that one to move, and it will be very often in understaffing if you are located too far from the parent company.

Then there are the communication and after-sales service concerns. Indeed, a foreign country often means a foreign language and a different culture. Thus, even if English is fortunately practiced almost everywhere nowadays, you can sometimes have difficulty in making yourself understood and this can lead to misunderstandings which can again make you lose precious time for your company.

Moreover, in case of a problem with your new machine, you will have to contact this service again, and the language barrier may not be your only concern, since there is also the time difference, with a support that may not be able to answer you during your working hours. If you manage to contact you and explain your problem, it may not be solved soon, since a specialized technician will certainly have to come to you to see the problem and suggest you to buy new parts that will still not be found on your continent, again the loss of time may be considerable.

Finally, the few savings you will have made when you first bought the machine will be quickly lost since, between the excessive delivery costs and the various possible losses of time that we have listed above, you risk losing money quickly. It is important to keep in mind that every minute spent with a machine that is not running is a minute you are not producing.

Buying local

Now let's take the case of a North American company, operating in the US or Canada, that wants to invest in a new automatic packaging system, whether it's cardboard, plastic film, a filler or any other machine in general.

Are you looking for an automatic packaging machine manufacturer in Canada (Quebec, Ontario,...) or in the United States ? A Canadian or American packaging system integrator ? A secondary packaging manufacturer in Quebec or Montreal ?

You've come to the right place! At Enoline, we have more than 30 years of experience in the automated industrial packaging market with hundreds of satisfied customers using our turnkey solutions. Our offices located in Montreal and Toronto allow us to operate very efficiently throughout North America.

The main reason why our Canadian and American customers turn to our solutions is the customer service and after-sales service.

Indeed, our teams of engineers and technicians accompany you throughout your project, visiting your warehouse from the design stage to define together your precise needs and the most optimized ways to integrate your new tooling.

We speak your language and are in the same time zone, we respond quickly and are ready to travel at any time.

Our Montreal warehouses contain over 400,000 spare parts in stock, so you receive your spare part the next day, with a technician to install it for you if needed. Delivery costs are reduced, as are delivery times. Less transportation also means less risk of damage in transit. You promote the local economy and limit your carbon footprint, everyone wins, including our planet.

Finally your new machine is installed faster, maintenance is also done in record time, you reduce downtime of your solution and increase your production.

Our machines are the most reliable on the market thanks to a scrupulous selection of them during our 30 years of experience in the field. We guarantee compatibility with your existing machines. We understand your needs.

As we mentioned earlier in the article, if you decide to rely on the experience of a manufacturer, trust us ! We have selected for you the best manufacturers in the world for the last 30 years. We are trained to integrate and use their machines, we do the intermediary to avoid all the disadvantages of a foreign purchase and benefit from all the advantages of a local purchase.

Do not hesitate to contact us now, we can establish together a free estimate that will meet your needs in terms of primary, secondary or tertiary packaging.

The example of our SL-20 side loader variety packaging machine

We present here our product that best represents the local development. From our design and development offices here on Canadian soil, we build it with a maximum of locally supplied parts while integrating proven state of the art systems such as an Allen Bradley controller and HIM or Siemens motors. Proudly Canadian !

This machine is perfect for making sampler packs with various packs of cans (beers with or without alcohol, soda, ...) glass bottles or tin cans. The system is fully adjustable and very easy to use, allowing you to make the packs you need (pack of 4, 6, 8, 12, 24, ... products).

It is the most compact and economical machine on the market, with a rate of up to 20 packs / minute, it is perfect for any business from the micro brewery offering craft beers to the multi national who wants to launch into the variety packing experience.

Check out our SL-20 product sheet here.

It is also possible to couple this machine with our other solutions like our Baumer wrap around packaging machine for example which you can find here.

As you can see, the SL-20 is our solution that can be adapted to many different types of products, and that we believe best represents the local development that we must promote in the future. We sell it mainly in Canada and United States. Some examples of final products that you can create with our mix and match solution: 6-8-12-24 flavor sampler pack, sample packs, wine + spirits packaging, packaging variety, variety packaging services for beverages & liquor, beverage variety pack, variety packaging Canada, variety packing USA, variety packaging box, variety packer, tasting boxes, discovery boxes, beer gift boxes, Father's Day craft beer, canned beer case packing line, Beer taster packs, Pick your own beer boxes, and much more !

Client testimony

I am looking at buying an end load cartoner for making 4 packs and 12 packs, and just looking to see if you have feedback (good or bad) for the cartoner?

We are very pleased with the Enoline cartonner we purchased. It is a compact design, yet it’s easily accessible for changeovers and cleanup.

Have the changeovers been easy for operators?

The changeovers steps and points on the machine are clearly identified. We did a couple of change overs with the operations when the line started. After that, the operators did the changeovers efficiently and without assistance.

How reliable of a machine has it been?

The cartonner is being used 5 days per week, 16 hours/day, and has been running well.

Would you buy the same packer again, knowing what you know now?

Yes. It’s compact, has good performance and is reasonably priced. I would definitely purchase again.

see our side loader in action

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