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Simply smart packaging solutions

We design, automate and improve your packaging process. We help our clients in the food & beverage industry to increase their production rate, reduce manual operations and optimize efficiency.

Service and Engineering

We offer complete and comprehensive maintenance and repair solutions for our equipment.

We’ve had the chance to work with some of the most recognized industry leaders

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Tell us all about your needs, we’ll provide the perfect turnkey project for you

No matter your needs or your location in the world, we can provide the service that fits your project. Let our 35 years + of experience with multiple global companies help you maximize your production, warehouse space and profits !

Through the years we teamed up with the best manufacturers in the industry to guarantee you high efficiency machines with great durability. Our partners are based in the US, Canada and Europe to answer your global needs as quickly as possible.

Furthermore, we have more that 400 000 parts in stock at our Canadian warehouse (Montréal). A specialized technician team is always ready to fly to your factory to keep your automated line maintained and highly cost-efficient. Learn more about us.

We offer multiple packaging solutions such as : wrap around case packing, tray packaging, carton overwrapping, plastic shrink film wrapping, shrinking sleeves label, case forming, sealing, drop through, combined cardboard packing and shrink filming, plastic film packing handle, robotic palletization, … See our solutions

In addition, we are known for our innovative and patented cooling cells and cooling tunnels which help you cool down entire pallets and keep them below 6°C at a speed never seen before. This helps you deliver, faster, always fresh products (food, dairy products such as milk or yogurts for example) and thus gain a lot of productivity !

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We'll gladly help you figure out which solution is right for you