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November 24th

Canned craft beers: the benefits of beverages in a can

Enoline canned craft beers
Canned craft beer beverages have become increasingly popular in the past several years, but they aren’t as well-known among the public as their bottled counterparts. While some of this can be attributed to marketing tactics and word-of-mouth, cans are superior to bottles in many ways, particularly when protecting your beer from air exposure, light exposure, and temperature fluctuations. Here are some key benefits of canned craft beers that you should know about.

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Aluminum cans – Market values

Let’s talk numbers first, according to Business Wire, The North America Aluminum Foil market was valued at USD 14,906.73 million in 2020 which expected to reach USD 19,801.07 million by 2027 at a CAGR 4.07% from 2020-2027.

Aluminum cans are one of the most common types of packaging for both solid and liquid products. These cans are long-lasting, lightweight, recyclable, cost-effective, and easy to handle, while still keeping the contents' quality and flavor. Apart from that, aluminum cans are used in industries such as food, beverage, and medicines since they are corrosion resistant and require less care during shipping.

Demand from the Food and Beverage Industry is increasing. Increased consumption of processed foods and drinks, an improvement in product shelf life, and an increase in consumer disposable income are some of the key factors projected to drive aluminum can demand over the projection period. Concerns about the material's non-recyclability, the rate at which it is created, and the harm it causes to marine life have raised the global emphasis on reducing the amount of plastic packaging. The effect it has on the climate by contaminating the ocean has fueled the expansion of the aluminum can sector.
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CANS over BOTTLES – Advantages

There are many advantages to drinking craft beer from cans. Look at the top 10 benefits of canned beverages over bottled ones.

1 - Cans are perfect to preserve the quality of craft beer

Cans are the perfect vessel to preserve the quality of craft beer because they are airtight and light resistant, which means cans will not let any light or air into them. The aluminum material also prevents the metallic flavor from seeping out of the can and any bacteria that might have been residing on it. Besides, aluminum cans are recyclable, which is becoming increasingly important these days, and they take up less space during shipping.

Furthermore, it can have greater thermal conductivity than glass, so it stays cold longer. To put this in perspective: A glass bottle takes ten minutes to cool down by half its original temperature, while a can takes just four minutes. With these features, it's no wonder why craft beers are starting to be packaged exclusively in cans!

2 - Lighter & better space

Cans are also lighter than glass bottles, making them easier to carry. This, in turn, means you can carry more cans at once, and they won't be as heavy or breakable. This convenience has been seen with other items like canned water, where people are more likely to purchase multiple cans due to its convenience compared to carrying one glass bottle, which is harder and heavier than carrying 2-3 cans. Lastly, you can fit many more cans on your shelf since they take up less space since it's not enclosed by glass.

3 - Canned beers have a longer shelf life

One of the most important factors when deciding what type of beer to buy is how long it'll last before going bad. It can provide better protection against oxygen exposure, so canned beer can last for over two months on the shelf without going bad, whereas glass bottles only last about six weeks. This alludes to the fact that canned craft beers are superior in taste and quality to bottled. Not only does a can maintain its freshness, but it also preserves all the delicate flavors of different varieties. Not having any contact with sunlight ensures the beer maintains its natural color rather than turning yellow or cloudy, like bottled brews, often do after aging.

4 - Environmentally Friendly

Craft beer beverages can also promote environmental friendliness. Aluminum cans are lightweight and thus create less pollution during transport. Cans are also easily recycled and require little energy to produce (compared to glass). In addition, they don't use resources such as wood pulp, metal foil, metal sheets, polyethylene terephthalate (PET), plasticizers, chemical dyes, or polymers (plastic) glass bottles do when exposed to air, heat, and sunlight for extended periods. This is a huge benefit for both the environment and beer enthusiasts.

5 - Cans are better for Craft Breweries

One of the benefits of craft beer beverages packaged in cans is how convenient it is for brewers. Compared to bottles, cans are easier to stack and store. This makes it more feasible for small breweries to stock their product rather than them having to worry about whether they will get enough shelf space at local stores. Additionally, cans come with specially-designed tops that make it easy for brewers to package their beer quickly and efficiently without having any messes (such as spilled beer). Cans also have special technology integrated into them that you can use while packaging beer, such as an oxygen scavenger which eliminates excess air from your canned beverage, so you don’t need a separate tool to package your product.

6 - Cans are Perfect for Outdoor Venues

Glass bottles can shatter and spill everywhere, which would never happen with a can. This is especially helpful for outdoor events such as music festivals and sporting events, where cans are more secure and less dangerous. Cans are also perfect for drinking beer outside because they're lightweight and less fragile than glass.

7 - Eco-Friendly Packaging

Another major perk of canned craft beers is the eco-friendly packaging they offer. These cans are made of aluminum, which is highly recyclable and requires less energy to produce. When the can is produced, it doesn’t use resources such as glass bottles, paper labels, or cardboard boxes. Plus, cans are much more durable than glass bottles because they are less likely to shatter and can handle being crushed. This leads to less waste and more recycling opportunities for beer drinkers!

Furthermore, cans are a great alternative to glass bottles. They can be used repeatedly without harming the planet or the beer inside. Cans are also a cheaper way to ship beer compared to glass bottles, as they cost less in terms of raw materials and transportation costs.

8 - Cans can be used for more than just craft beer

Aside from craft beer, cans can be used for many more things. They are also great for various canned goods such as soup, vegetables, fruit, and other canned drinks. Cans are even good for cold food such as salads and sandwiches! This is a bonus for those who love the outdoors and want to take their food with them. Cans are sturdy and don’t crush, making them ideal for camping, picnics, and hiking trips. If you're looking for something versatile and convenient to take on your adventures, look no further than a can. It's safe to say that cans are truly one of the best things to ever happen to beer aficionados.

9 - Non-Alcoholic Craft Beer

While cans are typically for alcoholic craft beer, it’s also possible to find canned non-alcoholic craft beers on the market. Non-alcoholic beer cans are a great option for people of all ages and demographics. If you’re not interested in intoxicating but still want the taste of a delicious craft beer, then this is the way to go. Cans are also good if you’d prefer a beer but can’t drink one due to various medical reasons such as diabetes or pregnancy. With these canned options, you can enjoy a refreshing taste of craft beer with less guilt and more confidence in yourself.

10 - Cans come in a variety of sizes

Depending on the amount of beer you drink and what you’re using it for, there are different sizes of cans to choose from. Some cans come in tallboy sizes, which are taller and slimmer than a standard can. These are perfect for drinking a beer after mowing the lawn or tailgating before the big game. Depending on how thirsty you are, you can also find 12-ounce, 16-ounce, and 24-ounce cans. Many canned beers also come in light, low-carb, gluten-free nitro styles. All these variations make it easy to enjoy craft beer at home and out of the house.
In case you were wondering what is the height of a beer can, here is a beer can size chart where you can see all the available beer can sizes :
cans formats


If you’re looking for convenience, portability, and quality craft beer, cans are your best bet. You don’t have to worry about light damage to your beer, and because it’s stored at room temperature, it has more time to carbonate and blend before you drink it. This is what makes canned craft beers taste fresher than ever before! No matter where you go or what you drink them from (cans can be recycled), cans give you everything you need and more when drinking craft beers.

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