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July 06th

Optimize your production with automation

Enoline optimize your production with automation
You are wondering what are the advantages of switching to automatic solutions for your company ? We listed 5 of them for you !
You are a growing company, you perform a lot of tasks manually through your employees, these tasks are repetitive and you think you could automate it to save time, productivity, and relieve your employees. You are right!
Automating your production with high quality machines will make you win on all levels and we will review these benefits in a non-exhaustive way through this article.
You are skeptical of these machines, we are here to relieve you and accompany you for a smooth transition, and especially a winning transition!


The first motivation to switch from manual to robotized solutions is the clear improvement of productivity, allowing you to increase tenfold the number of goods you produce per minute.

For example, in the case of an automatic packaging machine, such as our Baumer wrap around case packer, you can go from a rate of 1 case / min performed by your employees to 70 cases / min !

Automated packaging solutions can also be multi-tasking and combine several steps of the packaging process at the same time, such as closing and labeling the package. This frees up not just one employee, but potentially several. As a result, these technologies can both increase speed and allow packaging companies to reallocate staff to tasks that require human workers or that simply benefit from the human touch, such as shipping, receiving and picking.


With an automated, surgically precise process, you can be assured of consistency and superior quality assurance (QA) in the finished product. A result that would be impossible to achieve by hand. You avoid any type of human error, in fact with the new technologies that we use at Enoline Solutions it is possible to detect the slightest defective product and put it aside, knowing that the risk of obtaining a defective product with a machine correctly adjusted by us is almost nil, and much lower than the risk incurred with manual operations, which could damage your brand image and your production.

Quality control is increased and you can also reach certain certification grades, or meet certain hygiene standards. This is the case for example with our cooling cells and cooling tunnels which guarantee a perfect conservation of your fresh products (vegetables, fruits, yoghurt, milk, cheese for example).

Another example is our Paker filling machines which fill all types of liquids with different viscosities in record time (up to 22,000 bottles/hour), adaptable to all bottle or jar formats and all types of materials, which meet all the mandatory hygiene standards for these types of food products, thanks in particular to a sterile environment.

The most common example in terms of quality improvement is when a company decides to switch from the final packaging operations of their product by hand to an automatic packaging machine line. The final packages, which come out at 20 times the rate before automation, are all stronger and much better finished. When operators were wrapping products, there were wide variations in finish, and some packages even came apart, resulting in breakage, which wasted time and money.

Avoid losses and improve your customer's perception of the quality of the finished product, you win at all levels.


If there is one thing to consider when improving your business, it is the safety and well-being of your employees.

It seems logical that a physically healthy operator is more productive than an injured person, but keep in mind that an employee who is happy in his work, who performs mentally stimulating tasks will also be much more efficient than a person who performs repetitive and uninteresting tasks.

It is precisely on these points that our automated production lines come to help you.

Our robotic lines perform all physical, dangerous and redundant tasks instead of your employees, who can concentrate on other, more varied operations. The comfort in your company is increased, as well as your production, and your work accidents decrease drastically (Lowered Risk of Employee Injury and work-related musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs)).


Rest assured, with our reliable equipment, our 30 years of experience in the field of custom automatic packaging, our after-sales service team always available and our more than 400,000 parts in stock in our Montreal warehouse ready to be shipped the same day, you are sure to be able to produce continuously with your new equipment!

The machines always run the same way (as you set them up) continuously, even at night, so there are no unpleasant surprises.


We are constantly upgrading our machines with the latest technology to offer you the best possible products.

This way you stay competitive and can quickly overtake your competitors with better equipment.

We try to make our automatic machines as intuitive as possible so that you can quickly set up and modify the settings if necessary.

We use some of the most widely used and powerful Allen Bradley Human Machine Interfaces (HMIs) on the market so you won't feel out of place from one machine to the next. Machines like our SL-20 side loader variety packs are very easy to use and you can access all the information you need in an intuitive way. You will have access to statistical data about your production, which will allow you to improve your processes after analysis.


We are Canadian (Toronto and Montreal), we intervene naturally in Canada (Quebec mainly), in the United States (USA) and everywhere in the world with already hundreds of satisfied customers, do like them, trust us!

You are looking for a case packer, a wrap around machine, a tray packer, a case packer, a shrink wrapper, a sleeve wrapper, promotional packaging, a top load machine, cooling solutions, an automatic palletizer ? Contact us! We have all these solutions to offer you, and much more.

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